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How much will it cost to ghostwrite my book?

The fee ranges from $28,000 for a short book, such as a brief business book requiring a typical amount of research, up to $52,000 or more for a far more complicated book, such as a long autobiography that might require many hours of interviews to gather the life story the book will contain. (Learn more on my Fees page and The Process page).


What does the ghostwriter’s fee cover?

The fee to ghostwrite your book covers all writing, research, interviewing, editing and rewriting. If travel is required (it usually is not) the ghostwriter’s fee does not include travel, meals or lodging, although travel time is included. If you contact me, I will be glad to give you more details.


How long will it take to ghostwrite my book?

This depends on the complexity of the project. A business book can take from four to six months. All other nonfiction and novels generally take six to ten months, or even longer.


Who owns the finished book?

You own all the rights to your ghostwritten book including the copyright. The ghostwriter does not participate in any royalties or other income you may derive.


Does the ghostwriter get any credit?

No, not generally. Some people will credit the ghostwriter as the book’s editor, or use the phrase “as told to” to indicate the ghostwriter’s role. But you have no obligation whatsoever to tell anyone that the book was not written entirely by you.


Can I ask the ghostwriter to keep their participation secret?

I never tell whom I have ghostwritten for unless the client makes it absolutely clear that I can. Complete secrecy is my standard policy. The Non-Disclosure Agreement I will sign and send to you before beginning work on your book further enforces this secrecy.


Does the ghostwriter work on a contingency?

No. I do not participate in any royalties, nor do I wait until your book is published or made into a movie for a deferred payment.


How do I know the ghostwriter won’t steal my idea?

I will send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement that I have signed which protects you from this.


Does the ghostwriter provide any other services?



If you have written a manuscript and would like it evaluated, I can read it from beginning to end and provide you with a written Analysis & Recommendations (A&R). This three or four-page report details what is wonderful about your manuscript and what needs improvement. It is a road map that explains how to change the manuscript so that literary agents and publishers will give it the serious consideration it deserves. (Note: Hiring me to do an A&R does not obligate you to have me to do anything more for your book project.) A&Rs are done for a flat fee of $750.00 that is separate from the fee for ghostwriting your book.


Also, for a fee which can be separate from that to create your book, I can consult with you and develop a professional package to seek out a qualified literary agent to represent you and sell your work to a publisher. These come in two different types based on the publishing industry’s needs: a “book proposal” is for nonfiction and is generally sent to an agent before the book is complete; while a “submission” is for fiction and is always sent to an agent after the book is complete. Because these vary so much in complexity from one book to the next, the fee for these must be negotiated.


What qualifies you to be a ghostwriter, and why should I trust you with my book?

There are three things a ghostwriter must do with great skill: (1) Interview (2) Research and (3) Write. I have interviewed over 350 people for my work as an author, magazine writer, and award-winning podcaster. Currently, I am contributing editor for Space and Time Magazine, I have also been a regular contributor for Robot, HumanityPlus+, Grim Couture and Port Iris magazines; and I spent three years as a columnist and contributing editor for Jim Baen's Universe Magazine. My novels include Bones Burnt Black, Plague at Redhook and Skinbrain; and my nonfiction books include A Brief History of Predicting the Future as well as Indistinguishable from Magic: Predictions of Revolutionary Future Science.


I am passionate about writing. It’s what I love, and it’s what I do—everyday.