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Each book is done for a flat fee agreed to in advance.


The fee is calculated based on the anticipated length of the book, the amount of research and/or interviews required, and the difficulty of the subject matter.


The fee is paid in monthly increments over the life of the work. If it takes longer to complete than expected, my fee does not go up.


I do not work on speculation of future payments of any kind, including royalties.


If you want me to travel to where you are in order to work more closely with you on your book, in addition to the flat fee you will also have to pay my travel, hotel, and meal expenses. (Some clients want this. For most, I just work in my office.)


The cost of ghostwriting a book is sometimes tax deductible. (Check with your accountant or tax professional.)


The first three consultations for a potential writing assignment are free. All consultations during a contracted writing assignment are also free. All consultations without a writing contract are billed at $75 per hour. Consultation is usually done by phone or Skype, though sometimes in person.



Business Books



Generally, business books are shorter than other books, and this influences their fee. A business book usually follows a “how to” format on a specific subject in which you are either an expert or have a great deal of experience. Because these books are often composed of your knowledge, they require that I interview you to gather that knowledge. These interviews will be arranged to fit within your schedule.


Page counts for business books generally run from 120 to 250 pages, for a variety of marketing reasons.


Fees for business books typically range between $28,000 and $38,000.



All Other Books



These include how-to, self-help, autobiography, inspirational, novels, instructional, memoir, travel, life-stories, tell-all, eyewitness, biography, whistleblower, general interest, and most other popular categories.


These typically run about 225 to 380 pages.


Fees for these types of books usually range between $36,000 and $52,000.




To learn what you will receive, along with your options,

click on the link, “Ghostwriting Your Book: The Process.”