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Ghostwriting Your Magazine Articles



Yes, I also ghostwrite magazine articles. I have written more than a hundred articles under my own name, and I will be happy to ghostwrite one for you.


For some clients producing a magazine article is a great choice, but not for everyone. It all depends on your goal.


Some of what I am about to tell you on this page you may find unpalatable, but you will not find anyone who will contradict it. Better you should know the truth than for me to candy-coat it.



A Career Decision



If you are looking to advance your career by improving your professional reputation, writing a book within your field makes you an expert. It does this on the day the book becomes publicly available. Having authored a book will allow you to start doing radio, newspaper, magazine, and TV interviews—which will further elevate your professional status. Having your own book offers your career the option of an upward spiral.


Paradoxically, the transformation a book has on your career is not based on any of your colleagues actually reading it, or even seeing it in physical form. Just knowing that you wrote a book, and seeing that it is for sale on Amazon is generally enough.


Although, it should be mentioned that seeing a physical copy of your book can have a profound effect on your colleagues. So strong an effect that some executives, when greeting potential clients, rather than handing them their business card, instead make a habit of handing them a copy of their book with their business card stuck in it as if it were a bookmark. As you can imagine, the potential client suddenly wants to know them a lot better.


Magazine articles have a similar effect, but it’s weaker and temporary. Just one book can transform a career, while it might take a series of six or twelve articles spread over several years to get the same result. However, after seeing all those articles published, you would not be able to call yourself an “Author” on your resume, your bio, your website, or your business cards. And yet you may have spent the same amount of money, time, and effort as you would have to create your book.



Ways Magazine Articles Are Different from Books



Being short, articles must be focused on only one very narrow topic. Also, they must be written very tightly: no extra sentences, no extra words. A book, on the other hand, can cover as many topics as it has chapters, sometimes more.


Magazines serve an existing audience, and so select all their articles to appeal to that one audience. Consequently, articles must be customized specifically to the magazine in which they will appear. Even a simple article about shoes would have to be rewritten with a different style, focus, and informational content to publish it in Good Housekeeping, National Geographic, Consumer Reports, Forbes, Sports Illustrated, Mental Floss, Popular Science, Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, Life Magazine, The New Yorker, Reader’s Digest, Cosmopolitan, American Heritage, Mad, Gentleman’s Quarterly, Ebony, Martha Stewart Living, Teen, Parents, Newsweek, or Field & Stream.


Magazines are meticulous about fact checking. If you want to claim that eating spinach is bad for your health, they will require that you provide serious research to back it up. But in your own book you are the gatekeeper. If you say it goes in, then it does.



My Fee For Magazine Articles



Because magazine articles differ from one another less than do books, and because the initial research and final fact checking make up a larger and more uniform part of the project, I use a much simpler method for calculating my fee for magazine articles. I charge a flat rate of $2,500 paid in advance.


If you have already written an article, but you are not comfortable with your sentences, paragraphs, structure, or flow, I am willing to rewrite it for $750 paid in advance. But it has to be an article you wrote, not someone else’s, it must be complete, and it must need “zero research.” For this price, even if I have to change every word in every sentence, and shuffle the sentences more than the leaves in a tossed salad, I will rewrite your article until it shines with brilliance. It’s what I do.



Getting Your Article Into A Magazine



I have published so many magazine articles because I give the editors what they want: well-written articles on topics carefully targeted to their readers. It is not because I have power over editors. I can’t make them publish whatever I want. And unless you have a close friend or relative who is an editor, you can’t either. Your profession, credentials, or background may endear an editor to your article. Maybe. But probably not.


I can consult with you, for my standard hourly fee of $75 per hour, on how to pitch your articles to your chosen magazines. I can also write pitch-letters to magazines for you. A pitch-letter briefly describes to an editor several articles you are offering to write for their magazine. If the editor says “Yes” to one, then it is almost sure to get published. Things can still go wrong, but if it is the magazine’s fault they will often pay you a “kill fee,” which is a token payment for not publishing your article.



The Decision Is Yours



As you can see, magazine articles involve a great deal of uncertainty. For most people there is no way to guarantee their article will ever appear in a magazine. For this, and other reasons, a book may be a better choice. I won’t tell you not to do an article. But I want you to understand what you’re dealing with so you can make an informed decision.


The bottom line is that books transform careers. Articles can too, but they don’t have the power or impact of a book.


If you decide you would like me to ghostwrite a magazine article for you, please, by all means, send me an email or give me a call. I love writing articles. That’s why I’ve written so many.


I will be happy to ghostwrite one for you too.